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BLBioTech Leadership Team

  George Lee


As an ex-deep-nicotine-smoker, Lee is an obsession believer “a nicotine-free or nicotine-less smoking world” would be better for all of us.
Before creating BLBioTech, Lee already became the district leader of one of Listed China leading Medical Corporation factory, experienced in new product development and marketing analysis for more than 7 years. After graduated from college in 2001, he had engaged in DOW in customer service and sales service in 2 years. During student career, he spent 4 holidays and total 8 months in Pepsi China factory, experienced the advanced production workmanship and wonderful company culture from the one of international best beverage cooperation.
Lee’s e-liquid journey began when he tormented from nicotine smoking in years, plus with living in a smoking family. After he get married and before pregnancy, he vowed to quit smoking, for better baby and wellness family. Good results that he quit smoking by goodness virtue of e-liquid and e-cigarette.
By chance, with years of medical factory work experience and capital accumulation, to show respect to pre-employer, and to popularize the goodness of e-cigarette to existed nicotine smokers, Lee decided to establish his own e-liquid lab and factory in 2010, with obsession vision of “a nicotine-free or nicotine-less smoking world” would be better for all of us. To be the supplier that provide well blended natural e-liquids flavors and customized well blending e liquids flavors to Small and Medium-sized vapor enterprises and vapor fans around the world, for a better “a nicotine-free or nicotine-less smoking world” (BlBioTech’s cooperation vision).

  Steve Zhang


Bachelor Degree of Pharmacology from HuNan Science University, more than 8 years work experience in one of China leading Pharmaceutical Group in Shenzhen, specialized in Pharmacy Engineering and Pharmacy Production during that time, and powerful background on Pharmacy manufacturing and strict quality control process experiences.
Have known each other with George Lee since childhood. In a routine gathering, George introduce the e-cigarette on hand to Steve for smoking quitting. Based on common dreams and values, Steve reach a new land after drift in Pharmacy industry in years. They applied a new brand and started e-cigarette business in China market in the end of 2009.
As an ex-deep-nicotine-smoker, Steve also an obsession believer, that traditional tobacco industry should have an innovation, break the rules and think & do different, for our better next generation. With BLBioTech, to build “a nicotine-free or nicotine-less smoking world”.

 Benson. T


Graduated from Shanghai Institute of Technology, specialized in Perfume and Aroma Technology during school life time. By 2015, Benson had got more than ten years work experiences in flavor industry. Start from Pharmaceutical Flavor Technologist in one China Medical Corporation in South of China, Shenzhen City since 2001, main responsibility was to apply and modify existing flavors to pharmaceutical preparations.
After that, Tony had been employed by one of big Shenzhen beverage & food cooperation in 4 years, that mainly engaged in beverage & drinks, Benson’s main responsibilities to utilize extraction techniques and to interpret GLC data to identify flavor components, to create and duplicate its flavors in natural or artificial way. Evaluating flavor materials for use in future creations and to build in-house terminology, and responsible for establishing and auditing works on flavor profiles. From 2008, Benson start works on e-liquids industry based on previous rich flavorist experiences on pharmacy and beverage industry.
Years of e-liquids flavorist experience before employed by BLBioTech, specialized in achieve e-liquids flavor objectives by flavor creation, duplications, modification, teaching, descriptor generation, finished product recommendations, etc., especially for blended e-liquids or e-juices. More than 500 BLBioTech e-liquids recipes profiles had been established by Benson and his team by 2015, these blended e-liquids that from their hands are warmly welcomed by BLBioTech supplying customers around world in more than 10 countries.
With the obsession vison of “Build A Smoking-free or Smoking-less World, Would Be Better for All of Us”, Benson do hope to do something with BLBioTech together.




Six years of financing and banking experience in Shenzhen branch of ICBC bank, specialized in sales and trading financial, factory property evaluation and investment risk analytics.
Responsible for BLBioTech internal projects evaluation and KPI performance, to improve the processes in BLBioTech based on efficient and compliance, focusing on external investment and finance process improvement and KPI performance in BLBioTech.
Also responsible for BLBioTech departments seasonal or annual cost budget audit and headcount and KPI forecast, to management for potential risk or profit to achieve targets on BLBioTech internal departments.



More than 5 years of work experiences, in one of Germany Group Shenzhen purchasing office that mainly engaged in living goods purchasing from Made-in-China factories, covered from 3C products, food, toy and daily life needs goods. Sen’s main responsibility in certifications and approvals application and auditing for these goods.
Especially for CE, RoHS, SVHC, MSDS, HACCP, GMP standards and approvals, Sen specialized on it. In BLBioTech, Sen and his team, main responsibility is to ensure all BLBioTech produced e-liquids flavors comply with certifications and approvals in al development and production process, also responsible for e-liquids application and adjustments works on certifications and approvals, ensure each drop of e-liquids that shipped from BLBioTech with premium quality under approvals.

 Jack Zeng


During decade years of experiences on quality control and quality check industry, Jack served kinds of business from international group to small and medium-sized companies, from pharmacy enterprise to beverage group, as well as e-cigarette companies.  
Jack and his team, familiar with quality control and check process in e-liquids manufacturing industry, from outside raw materials quality check and control, and BLBioTech internal e-liquids blending and filling production quality assurance, to finished e-liquids products quality check and assurance.
Many worlds’ most notable brands cargo had been checked by Jack during these years, that’s formatted a deep-rooted and rigorous quality control idea in Jack’s team’s work style and work process, ensure BLBioTech e-liquids comply with standards of BLBioTech quality control system.



Before be employed by BLBioTech in 2013, Peter had provided sales service for one of Shenzhen snack food company in 4 years, Peter’s main responsibility engaged in Taobao and JD B2C online sales service and marketing analysis, domestic sales and marketing strategy making and performance.
In BLBioTech, Peter and his team experienced in e-liquids OEM sales service supplying for e-cigarette vapor stores and e-cigarette enterprise in many top cities in China, such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Shanghai, Beijing city. We provide customized flavors e-liquids with supplying customers own brands on it. Service covers from marketing analysis, new flavor recommendation, also OEM sales service to our supplying customers.
By 2015, Peter and his team had provided e-liquids OEM service to more than 200 vapor stores or brands in China, help supplying customers get extended prosperous e-cigarette and e-liquids business in China market.



Before overseas market manager in BLBioTech in 2013, Emeric had already got rich various work experiences in BLBioTech factory and departments, starts from BLBioTech factory as a filling worker in 2011, then Emeric had been transferred to BLBioTech engineering department in 2012, for e-liquids flavors BOM lists establishing and e liquid recipes profiles achieving works, with flavorist together.
In 2013, Emeric developed China domestic market OEM service channel with domestic sales department guys together, provide professional OEM service for domestic market e-cigarette brands in China. In the end of 2013, BLBioTech had established overseas market sales department, Emeric as one of employees among them, to develop overseas market e-liquids OEM service to global vapor stores and e-cigarette companies, especially for blended e-liquids that BLBioTech good at it.
Since 2014, Emeric as the leader of BLBioTech overseas market sales department, had provided professional one stop solution of OEM & ODM service to more than 300 vapor stores or e-cigarette brands around global by 2015, prompt the prosperous e-cigarette business on customers. Keep forwarding with the firm belief in Emeric and his team: “Build A Smoking-free or Smoking-less World, Would Be Better for All of Us.”


BLBioTech Blended  Ejuice and  E-LiquidsFor OEM ODM Service

 The Professional Blended EJuice  Manufacturer for OEM Service

BLBioTech, Since 2010, A Professional Blend ejuice Supplier and E-Liquid Recipes Vendor, and Premium E-Liquids Supplier and E-Juice Manufacturer in China, GMP Certified Factory that devoted ourselves to Provide Well Blended Natural E-liquids and Customized Blending E Liquids to Small and Medium-sized Vapor Enterprises and Vapor Stores Around the World.

 More than 300 Vape Brands’s Reliable Supplier in Global

With the Business Vision of “Build A Smoking-free or Smoking-less World, Would Be Better for All of Us.” Cooperated with FDA Registered Lab Since 2010, BLBioTech Have Years of Experience in OEM Customized e-Juice Business, We Supplying More than 300 EU and USA E-Liquids Brands Companies in Global, and Supplying in a Wide Variety of E-Liquid Flavors, Total in More Than Eight Categories and 500 Flavors for Your E-Cigarette Business Option.

 The Top-Rated Premium Quality Blended ELiquids and Ejuice

And BLBioTech Only Use USP Certified Nicotine, All BLBioTech VG and PG Materials and Flavors, are US Food Grade Flavorings Imported From DOW and ICI, IFF etc. Reliable and Celebrated Suppliers, or Extracted Natural Fruits & Plants Flavors. The Clean, Sanitary, and Safe Producing & Mixing Environment in BLBioTech Factory Comply with GMP Production Standards;

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