Why BLBioTech?

About BLBioTech -- Your Premium Blended e-Liquids Supplier


 The 8 Reasons Why BLBioTech is Your Premium E-Liquids OEM ODM Supplier

Since 2010, BLBioTech, as a professional ejuice recipes and premium blended e-Juice & e-Liquids manufacturer in China Shenzhen city, with 8 categories and 500 blended flavors eliquids for your customized E-Liquids DIY or OEM option, we have supplying e-liquids OEM service to over 300 EU and US e-cigarette companies and vapor stores.

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1. MOQ 200 bottles and 7 days lead time in trial order, to support your own brand e-liquids business (OEM)

Only MOQ 200 bottles and from USD3, 30ml e-liquids, certified glass bottle, package and stickers included, BLBioTech can make your own brand e-liquids private customized stickers on e-liquids, to help Global Small and Medium-sized vapor enterprises and Stores to start your own brand e-liquids business.


2. Dual-100% Quality Guarantee and Ensurance in BLBioTech Blended e-liquids

  • All e-liquids ingredients in BLBioTech, are 100% GRAS and EC certified US USP food-grade PG, VG, Nicotine and flavorings;

  • All e-liquids ingredients in BLBioTech, are 100% Use EU & US Sourced USP Nicotine, US Food Grade VG and PG & Flavorings from DOW, ICI, IFF, etc. Reliable and Celebrated Suppliers


3. Your One-Stop E-Juice OEM Service Solution Here in BLBioTech

Start from e-liquids marketing analysis, flavors marketing position, e-liquids brand image establishment, package and stickers design, ejuice flavor duplicate, or ejuice unique flavor and recipe development, to ejuice blending and filling and packing production, ejuice cargo shipping and sales service, unique flavor exclusive sales right authorization, etc., all of them are included in BLBioTech e-juice and e-liquids OEM service, and most of them are comes in free cost to support your own brand e-liquids business;


4. Rich OEM Experience, Only in Blended Flavors, Various 5 Years Solution to Customers Customized E-Liquids Needs

With 8 Categories and More Than 500 Blended E-Liquids Flavors, more than 5 Years OEM Service Supplying Over 300 E-Liquids Brands in Global; Covered from bottle, cap, package, stickers, volume, flavors, etc., BLBioTech have various solution for your option, for your own brand e-liquids business


5. GMP Standard and Dust-free Workshop in BLBioTech

The Clean, Sanitary, Safe E-Liquids Producing & Mixing & Fermenting & Steeping Environment in BLBioTech, Comply with GMP Production Standards. All BLBioTech employees apply routine physical examination monthly, ensure each drop of BLBioTech making eliquids with stable and reliable quality.


6. All Cooperative Details with BLBioTech 100% Confidentiality

Integrity is one of business vision in BLBioTech. We implement 7*24h Security Access Management in BLBioTech office and workshop, we take all our supplying customers cooperative details as confidential information in BLBioTech. If without authorization from your side, BLBioTech 100% ensure not reveal any information to any third party.


7. Free cost samples to you for testing, free cost unique flavor development, before our order confirmation.

BLBioTech provide free cost samples to you for testing, before order confirmation. Together with flavor copy, customized flavor development, unique flavor exclusive sales right authorization, all of them are free cost to support your own brand or private labels eliquids business.


8. Quarter and Annual Sales Rewarding to Customers, Bonus to Mutual sides of Your Refer Friends

To grow up with BLBioTech supplying customers together, BLBioTech have a mature quarter rewarding and annual rewarding plan, support Global small, medium-sized, or big vapor enterprises and stores, to start own brand e-liquids business in more. Or refer BLBioTech to your vapor friends for cooperation, bonus to your mutual sides new order.


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