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BLBioTech New Official Website Lunched Today

We are pleased to announce the launch of the official website of the Shenzhen BLBioTech company and the beginning of Facebook BLBioTech Website @BLBioTechEliquids .


You are warmly welcomed to visit BLBioTech New Website

Now you will be able to get BLBioTech e-Liquids information in a more convenient way, from BLBioTech new official website: . And you can share and follow BLBioTech Premium Blend E Liquids via Facebook with your friends and fans.

BLBioTech are delighted to reveal our new official website, which has been completely rebuilt from the ground up updated latest BLBioTech blends e-liquids and e-juices to our supplying customers.

And we will stop BL old website service and old server simultaneously. We will transfer ex-website contents to the new website step by step later.

In the new BLBioTech official website has a clear logic website framework, more sociable for visitors, also improve performance and user experience across multiple devices. We relocated our website content server to United States from Hong Kong, and USA and EU visitors will get their preferred information in an efficient way.


More Clear, More Logic New Website with New Performance and Experience in BLBioTech

One of the new features from the new website, we added mail inquiry table below each BLBioTech blended e-liquids posts, visitors can send inquiry to BLBioTech sales represent via email directly. And BLBioTech representatives will reply your email within 24 hours.


After each BLBioTech e-Liquids, You Can Send Inquiry to BLBioTech Directly

An integrated social communication hub is also being developed in new BL website. We offering an easy and quick access to visitors, visitor can chat with BLBioTech guys directly, via such as Facebook Message, WeChat, Skype and QQ. That’s would be a more convenient and accessible way for both of BLBioTech and visitors, for customer service, e-liquids Q&A, product quotation inquiry, updated e-liquids or e-juice lists, as well as BLBioTech’s customer’s open orders status updating needs.

Also, you can follow or like BLBioTech Facebook page from website directly, also can share any posts and pages from BLBioTech official website to your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.  Keep the line with latest BLBioTech news and e-liquids products in Facebook with your fans and friends together.


And we take many sections of BLBioTech company introduction into our consideration this time, information for BLBioTech company, such as BLBioTech History, business Vision, BLBioTech culture, as well as our Leadership & Team, facilities and capacities for e-Liquids production.  We do hope it can help our supplying customers audit BLBioTech online via website.

Most importantly, the new website added a BLBioTech e-liquids reviewing section, to show BLBioTech supplying customers reviews and feedback on previous e-liquids OEM or ODM order cooperation.

After you received each order’s cargos from BLBioTech, you can write a review or send a feedback email about BLBioTech e-liquid products and service rating, or new eliquids flavor that you want to test from BLBioTech, or anything that related BLBioTech or your business. Just send it to , and BLBioTech related guys will post it on our official website for public reference, or check your sample request and reply you soon.

Above all, we do hope you like the BLBioTech new website, enjoy it and get further e-liquids business forward, with BLBioTech together.


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 About BLBioTech and BLBioTech Supplying E Liquids

 The Professional E-Liquids OEM Manufacturer

BLBioTech, Since 2010, A Professional Blend e Liquids Supplier and E-Liquid Recipes Vendor, and Premium E-Liquids Supplier and E-Juice Manufacturer in China, GMP Certified Factory that devoted ourselves to Provide Well Blended Natural E-liquids and Customized Blending E Liquids to Small and Medium-sized Vapor Enterprises and Vapor Stores Around the World.

 More than 300 E-Liquids Brands's Reliable Supplier in Global

With the Business Vision of "Build A Smoking-free or Smoking-less World, Would Be Better for All of Us." Cooperated with FDA Registered Lab Since 2010, BLBioTech Have Years of Experience in OEM Customized e-Juice Business, We Supplying More than 300 EU and USA E-Liquids Brands Companies in Global, and Supplying in a Wide Variety of E-Liquid Flavors, Total in More Than Eight Categories and 500 Flavors for Your E-Cigarette Business Option.

 The Top-Rated Premium Quality E-Liquids

And BLBioTech Only Use USP Certified Nicotine, All BLBioTech VG and PG Materials and Flavors, are US Food Grade Flavorings Imported From DOW and ICI, IFF etc. Reliable and Celebrated Suppliers, or Extracted Natural Fruits & Plants Flavors. The Clean, Sanitary, and Safe Producing & Mixing Environment in BLBioTech Factory Comply with GMP Production Standards;

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