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  BLBioTech,Your Premium Blend e Liquids Supplier! 

  • More Than 6 Years Ejuice OEM ODM Supplying Experience
  • More Than 500 Premium Blended eLiquids Flavors for Your Option
  • Supplying Over 300 e-Cigarette Brands in EU and US Around Global.

BLBioTech Blended E-Liquids and Ejuice For OEM ODM Service

 The Professional EJuice  Manufacturer for OEM Service

BLBioTech, Since 2010, A Professional Blend ejuice Supplier and E-Liquid Recipes Vendor, and Premium E-Liquids Supplier and E-Juice Manufacturer in China, GMP Certified Factory that devoted ourselves to Provide Well Blended Natural E-liquids and Customized Blending E Liquids to Small and Medium-sized Vapor Enterprises and Vapor Stores Around the World.

 More than 300 Vape Brands’s Reliable Supplier in Global

With the Business Vision of “Build A Smoking-free or Smoking-less World, Would Be Better for All of Us.” Cooperated with FDA Registered Lab Since 2010, BLBioTech Have Years of Experience in OEM Customized e-Juice Business, We Supplying More than 300 EU and USA E-Liquids Brands Companies in Global, and Supplying in a Wide Variety of E-Liquid Flavors, Total in More Than Eight Categories and 500 Flavors for Your E-Cigarette Business Option.

 The Top-Rated Premium Quality ELiquids and Ejuice

And BLBioTech Only Use USP Certified Nicotine, All BLBioTech VG and PG Materials and Flavors, are US Food Grade Flavorings Imported From DOW and ICI, IFF etc. Reliable and Celebrated Suppliers, or Extracted Natural Fruits & Plants Flavors. The Clean, Sanitary, and Safe Producing & Mixing Environment in BLBioTech Factory Comply with GMP Production Standards;


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Below Occupation Chances Validity Up to 31th,March,2017

招聘职位Jobs 学历要求Minimum Education 工作年限Work Experience 招聘人数Employees 工作地点Workplace 发送简历Send Your Resume
高级调香师Senior E-Liquids Flavorist  Engineer 研究生Postgraduate 5 1 深圳ShenZhen  Send Resume
调香师助理E-Liquids Flavorist Assistant 本科Bachelor 2 2 深圳ShenZhen Send Resume
实习调香师Trainee E-Liquids Flavorist  本科Bachelor 1 1 深圳ShenZhen Send Resume
实验室技术员Laboratory Technician 本科Bachelor 1 1 深圳ShenZhen Send Resume
工程部文员Engineering Dep. Clerk 本科Bachelor 1 1 深圳ShenZhen Send Resume
质量检测主管Senior QA Inspector 本科Bachelor 3 1 江西Jiangxi and 深圳Shenzhen Send Resume
质量检测员 QA Inspector 大专College 2 5 江西Jiangxi Send Resume
测试验证工程师Verification & Testing Engineer 本科Bachelor 3 3 江西Jiangxi Send Resume
进料质检工程师Senior IQC Inspector 本科Bachelor 3 3 江西Jiangxi Send Resume
仓管员Warehouse Keeper 高中Senior High School 1 5 江西Jiangxi Send Resume
仓管文员Warehouse Clerk 高中Senior High School 2 1 江西Jiangxi Send Resume
企业文化培训师Company Culture Trainer 大专College 2 1 深圳ShenZhen Send Resume
高级平面设计师Senior Graphic Design 大专College 3 1 深圳ShenZhen Send Resume
高级包装设计师Senior Packaging Design 大专College 3 1 深圳ShenZhen Send Resume
原料采购Raw Materials Purchaser 本科Bachelor 3 1 深圳ShenZhen Send Resume
高级电子烟油产品经理Senior E-Liquids Product Manager 本科Bachelor 5 1 深圳ShenZhen Send Resume
电子烟油产品经理E-Liquids Product Manager 大专College 2 2 深圳ShenZhen Send Resume
工厂财务会计Factory Accountant 大专College 2 2 江西Jiangxi Send Resume
英语外贸业务员Overseas Sales (English) 本科Bachelor 3 5 深圳ShenZhen Send Resume
俄语外贸业务员Overseas Sales (Russia) 本科Bachelor 3 2 深圳ShenZhen Send Resume
德语外贸业务员Overseas Sales (Germany) 本科Bachelor 3 2 深圳ShenZhen Send Resume
阿里巴巴运营人员Alibaba Operator 大专College 2 2 深圳ShenZhen Send Resume
淘宝销售Domestic Sales(Taobao) 大专College 2 3 深圳ShenZhen Send Resume
京东销售Domestic Sales(JD) 大专College 2 2 深圳ShenZhen Send Resume
Above Careers Chances Validity Date is Subject to BLBioTech HR Dep. Information   


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Customer Reviews from BLBioTech Supplying Customers

Reviews from BLBioTech Supplying Customers