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Let’s Check The 15 Most Common Myths about E-Cigarettes and E-Liquids with BLBioTech


You have probably heard rumors and speculation about e-cigarettes and e liquids, especially if you are currently a smoker, or still wondering before place e liquids orders to BLBioTech. There are myths on just about everything out e-cigarettes are no exception.

Myth #1: E-cigarettes will soon be illegal.

Fact: Perhaps in some places, but not in the U.S. Some places have tried to ban them as e cigarette hurt traditional tobacco business, but as e-cigarettes become more mainstream, more accepted and less harm to their health, that would take long-term process for E-cigarettes be legal.

In addition, BLBioTech produced e liquids and related production process, are comply with related approvals and certification, such as RoHS, EMC, LVD, MSDS, SVHC, SDS reports etc.

blbiotech_blended-e-liquids-flavors-5Myth #2: E-cigarettes are bad for you because nicotine is bad for you. Therefore, they are not much different than tobacco smoke.

Fact: This is just plain wrong. While nicotine is very addictive, studies have shown its effects on the body to be minimal. The problem with traditional cigarettes is the additives, smoke and chemicals in tobacco, not so much the nicotine.

And BLBioTech, suggest all our supplying OEM ODM customers, use nicotine-free or nicotine-less in ordered e liquids, that would be better for our world and next generation.

Myth #3: E-cigarettes are dangerous because no one really knows what is in them.

Fact: Not the case when you are dealing with a reputable company like BLBioTech, any legit e-cigarette brand will disclose ingredients, so you truly do know what is in them. And if you do your research on every ingredient, you will definitely know what you are inhaling. Based on more than 6 years accumulated experience in liquids OEM service, BLBioTech produced e liquids and e juices comply with RoHS, EMC, LVD, MSDS, SVHC, SDS etc.  reports and certifications.


Myth #4: E-cigarettes can explode in your face.

Fact: Most of us heard the similar story in this industry. Not true in general terms, unless you tinker with e-liquid, use batteries not specified for your model, or plainly disregard instructions. Although BLBioTech hadn’t engaged in e-cigarettes business yet, we suggest you to learn as much as you can beforehand, and you will see that the vast majority of e-cigarettes will not explode in your face if you are using them according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Myth #5: E-cigarettes are more expensive than traditional cigs.

Fact: Depends on your hand brand accordingly, but for the most part electronic cigarettes are generally more efficient in every way, especially when it comes to cost! E Liquids, just like many brands, are priced very competitively, and refills cost significantly less than traditional cigarettes.

Take BLBioTech 30 ml bottle e liquid for reference, approximately, 30ml bottle BLBioTech e juice will last around 7-10 days vaporing or 3,000 puffs in total. Based on one of BLBioTech’s employee personal experience, he saved about $200 dollars (about 1300 RMB) per month since switching over to e-cigs from traditional cigarettes!


Myth #6: E-cigarettes contain chemicals too.

Fact: Again, depends on the brand, but generally no. If people are marketing and selling dangerous things, and falsifying them, chances are it will catch up big time. Choose your brand wisely, research the market, and go for a trusted brand.

And BLBioTech’s e liquids use VG and PG materials and flavors, are US Food Grade flavorings imported from DOW and ICI, IFF etc. reliable and celebrated suppliers, or extracted natural fruits & plants flavors.

Myth #7: E-cigarettes can cause cancer, too

Fact: Not true. Studies are emerging that dispel this myth. Electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco and leave behind no tar, so the main carcinogenic components are not present to create a problem, like cigarette smoke. No data can approve e-liquids would cause cancer but so far. Although BLBioTech still do not know the effect of inhaling these flavors over a long period of time, but so far there has not been any studies done showing major adverse long term side effects. If you think about it, anytime we smell anything we are inhaling that “scent” into our lungs and bloodstream. Also keep in mind that flavoring only makes up a small percentage of the actual e-liquid.

Myth #8: E-cigarettes do not contain nicotine

Fact: Yes and no. You can have cartridges with different levels of nicotine depends on your own favor, (BLBioTech suggest less nicotine e liquids be better for your health), BLBioTech supplying ranging from 0mg-6mg for your option, as well as 0mg nicotine cartridges if you choose to go that route. While the nicotine levels may vary, most electronic cigarette companies do offer nicotine-free options. Also, BLBioTech company vision is “A smoking-free or smoking-less world would be better for us”, you can see the attention that BLBioTech pay it to premium quality e liquids production.


Myth #9: E-cigarettes taste bad.

Fact:  If there is one e liquid flavor that our customers love, it is BLBioTech pleasure and honor! As everyone got different tastes and different ideas and standards of what is good, and especially in the early days of electronic cigarettes, there were many reports of them leaving a bad taste in the mouth. Things have changed since BLBioTech, and most brands recognize the importance of having pleasing flavors!

BLBioTech have hundreds of e liquids flavors for your option, and supplying more than 300 hundred brands in US and EU market in more than 7 years. BLBioTech cannot publish our supplying brands for business cooperation privacy.

Myth #10: E-cigarettes are more addictive than regular cigs.

Fact: Not true. Maybe more addictive in the pleasurable sense and the convenience factors from e-cigarettes, but you will not crave the nicotine in electronic cigarettes any more than you did with tobacco.

Actually, based on BLBioTech experience, we found many vapors love e-cigarettes just for a life style, like dance in bar. And BLBioTech only produced light strength nicotine e liquids to our supplying customers.

Myth #11: Vapor from e-cigarettes is just like second hand smoke.

Fact: This could not be farther from the truth. Vapor is literally vapor, not smoke, or any tobacco byproduct or constituent. E-cigarette vapor has no smell, no lingering odor, or anything to it that will offend bystanders. E cigarettes harm almost nothing to speak of traditional tobacco.

Myth #12: E-cigarette companies are trying to lure in nonsmokers.

Fact: No! E-cigarettes are made and designed for current smokers or vapor fashion insider! Millions of people are using them as a means to control and lessen their cigarette usage, and smart e-cigarette companies are not interested in acquiring nonsmokers. And BLBioTech keep to use less-nicotine or fee-nicotine in our produced e liquids and e juices as always.


Myth #13: E-cigarettes are made with anti-freeze.

Gross, and not true. This is perhaps one of the most common myths swirling about. Why would a company make themselves susceptible to lawsuits by using highly toxic chemicals in their products? Any brand that takes pride in their products, as well as BLBioTech, and plans to be around for the long term will not be using any dangerous chemicals such as anti-freeze in their products meant for consumption! All BLBioTech e liquids in line with RoHS, EMC, LVD, MSDS, SVHC, SDS, GMP, etc.

Myth #14: Kids and teenagers can purchase e-cigarettes.

Fact: This one is kind of funny. Kids and teenagers will have the same problems purchasing electronic cigarettes as they would purchase tobacco cigarettes. You have to be a minimum of 18 years old, and 19 in certain states to purchase tobacco products. And as far as e-cigarettes go, they contain nicotine. In this sense, they are considered tobacco products.

Before start business cooperation, BLBioTech would singed a contract with our supplying customers, that all BLBioTech shipped e liquids cannot sell to any kids or teenagers in any countries and districts around global.


Myth #15: E-cigarettes are designed to attract teenagers to use them, especially when it comes to the sweet flavors and trendy packaging.

Fact: They are not made to appeal to children or underage people at all. You have to reach a certain age requirement to purchase electronic cigarettes and e liquids just as you would if you were purchasing tobacco products. Nicotine is a substance not intended for use by minors, whether it is from tobacco products or vapor cigarettes. Exciting flavors and attractive packaging appeal to everyone, regardless of age. The range of age groups who electronic cigarettes crosses the spectrum, but doesn’t include minors. You’d be surprised how many elderly people love using e-cigarettes, and love the different flavors they have at their choosing.

BLBioTech designed package styles for customer option, all are reasonable and fit for market, and not target for kids and teenagers.


As with anything new, there are certainly going to be myths that get started, whether it is based on plain old misinformation, or more insidious reasons. Having the right facts and discussing it in the right way is key to dismantling these common myths.

If you have heard some of these myths but have since gotten the facts and think e-cigarettes may be for you, BLBioTech would be glad with you for a better world that come with less-nicotine or free-nicotine e liquids, also we would be pleased and honored to see your email to .

Let’s Check The 15 Most Common Myths about E-Cigarettes and E-Liquids with BLBioTech | Blend e Liquid Manufacturer | e juice manufacturer

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