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Let’s check the Best Mixed E-Juice and E-Liquids Flavors in Market

BLBioTech | e Liquids Manufacturer | Best mixed flavors E-Juice | Best E-Liquids Flavor | e-juice supplier

Nowadays, as the e-cigarette business become more mature and prosperous than ever.  Our e-cig vapors can find their loved e-liquids and e-juice flavors everywhere with great ease. Vapors anxious to know, what is the Best Mixed E-Juice and E-Liquids Flavors in Market?


Curiously, according to our survey, among vapors from different countries and ages. We found different vapors have different preference for the options of their best e-juice flavors, that varied from age groups, districts, culture background, gender, even in sexual orientation, etc.


We found those who had enjoyed the traditional smoking experience, they preferred flavors modeled after old cigarettes and cigar flavors. Traditional mixed e-juice flavors such as Mint and Menthol are ideal for the ex-smokers who wishes to recreate the experience of smoking traditional cigarettes with the benefits of mixed flavors e-liquids, which include choosing nicotine levels, not carrying that old-cigarette smell, and not inhaling the same carcinogenic tar into the lungs.


For those young vapors who pursue fashion and keen on hot topic gossip news, most of them are single and young people, we found these young people more prefer to mixed e-juice flavors, such as fruits and snack foods flavors, as well as drinks & dessert flavors. More than e-cigarette, we found young people have a more modern cognition on their vaping experience. It is strange, that most of young vapors don’t like tobacco flavors e-liquids anymore, we are glad to see that’s different from the traditional tobacco smoking era in history.BLBioTech | e Liquids Manufacturer | Best mixed flavors E-Juice | Best E-Liquids Flavor | e-juice supplier


Vapors from tropical zone, they show bigger interesting on mixed e-liquids flavors, that they can enjoy the cool and cold feeling from it, such as strong menthol in mango, or strong menthol in other blended flavors e-liquids. Undoubtedly, strong menthol is an essential element in their vaping life. While vapors from where that snow sometimes throughout the year, they may choose milk related flavors e-liquids, rather than menthol blended flavors e-liquids.


Between male and females, we found mixed fruits e-juice flavors in male’s e-liquids favorite, especially that mixed e-juice flavors that come with mint and menthol flavors in it.  And our lovely females, not only blended fruits flavors e-juice, also like snack foods mixed flavors eliquids as always, as their otaku life on sofa.


Regarding the culture backgrounds among vapors, we found their own dietary habits and dietary culture produced a profound influence on the way to choose their favorite mixed flavors e-liquids for vaping.


Based on our interviews with one of flavorist engineer from the mixed flavors e-liquids supplier, BLBioTech, he said BLBioTech have supplying in a wide variety of mixed e-Liquid flavors in years, total in more than eight categories and more than 500 blended flavors to their supplying OEM ODM customers from EU and US markets. These mixed e-liquids flavors that covered from traditional Tobacco Flavors, to wonderful Floral & Herbs & Spices Flavors, natural and fresh Fruit Flavors, sweet Drinks & Dessert Flavors, greedy Snack Foods Flavors, simple unadorned Grains & Rice & Nuts Flavors, recommended Premium BLBioTech Top Blending Flavors, even strong and classic Liquor & Wine Flavors. He said, different e-cigarette companies that from different districts, have different preferences on mixed flavors eliquids choosing, the best-sellers blended flavors from certain customer, maybe not good for other customer’s e-liquids business in market.


Let’s back to the article starting question: what is the Best Mixed E-Juice and E-Liquids Flavors in Market? We have to quote the e-juice supplier BLBioTech flavorist suggestion here” Based on BLBioTech mixed flavors e-juice supplier experience, there is no best, only better and suitable mixed flavors e-liquids to your tastes, and your brand customer’s tastes, with the premium and reliable quality from BLBioTech”.


BLBioTech | e Liquids Manufacturer | Best mixed flavors E-Juice | Best E-Liquids Flavor | e-juice supplier

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